Light language is the language of the soul, the language of L💖VE. It is channelled dynamic frequency encodement which shifts your energetic vibration and thus your perspective on a range of subjects not just those covered in the transmission. Light Language adjusts to each listeners needs in the moment and stimulates the release of blockages and activation of information through your higher self.  Each time you listen you will receive a new level of healing as your higher self adjusts the frequencies for your needs in the moment.

Light language speaks directly to your body and soul at the DNA level and YOUR Higher Self is actually the one directing the healing thus you will only ever receive at a level appropriate for you in the moment. Light Language can effect profound change in your Life experience, particularly when consciously combined with a healing intention.

The purpose of Light Language is to facilitate the natural healing process that is inherent in all of us as vibrational beings and we amplify this through intention.

Light language comes through in a range of ways, it can be written, spoken, sung/toned, through hand signals and through dance.  Light Language initially came through as song for me, much to my surprise as I’d never been a singer and was suddenly busting out operatic tones whenever the energy in my surrounding environment felt too dense. In the beginning I told everyone I had musical tourettes as I didn’t know what Light Language was at the time. Then as my body and soul continued to heal through song, spoken Light Language and hand gestures came through, followed by written Light Language and dance.

To the right (below on your mobile) you will find examples of Light Language that comes through me and you can also find targeted Light Language Healing transmissions in the shop. Alternatively you can book in for a Soul Session and we can work through whatever challenges you are currently facing together.

YOU are beautiful, YOU are enough, YOU are Divine!

Beaming bug hugs and much love wherever you roam xo