The commencement of each painting is a sacred process. I have a beautiful Creative Ritual which brings me deeply into my body and the present moment so that my creative spirit can flow freely, which is as follows:

  1. Prepare a pot of herbal tea calling in the element of Water
  2. Light a Candle calling in the element of Fire
  3. Call in the element of Air and clear creative space with Sage
  4. Place crystals in workspace as intuitively guided calling in the element of Earth
  5. Connect with Canvas and allow Light Language to flow bringing in the element of Spirit

Typically the Light Language comes through as words or song which I weave into the canvas through my hands, however on this occasion I also received a symbol to be painted onto the canvas (which can be seen in the first photo frame above). This symbol unlocks your creative super powers and it certainly opened up a whole new avenue of expression for me, as it will for you if you are open to doing so.

The base colours of quinacridone red and cobalt turquoise stimulate the base chakra, where we store our fears, and the throat chakra, our avenue of expression, which combined with the Golden Light Code cleanses and releases these centres of that which no longer serves us in this moment of our souls journey. Thus each time you come back to this painting more will be released and revealed to you.

Next texture was added in order to create more depth and further stimulate the sense of touch, a very powerful form of communication, and anchor in more Light as the song continued to flow through me as I painted, weaving into the canvas.  Once the texture was dry, the colours came flooding through each guiding me to its placement in a beautiful dance of light. The reds and blues continue to work their magic on the base and throat chakras anchoring in higher frequencies via the heart and the green ray which reveals an enchanted forest, that smells and feels like a warm loving hug from Mother Earth.  Deeply rooted in her warm loving embrace comes the freedom of creative expression, your Divine Birthright, and the ability to bring spirit into matter.

May this painting remind you of the beauty that you are and that you are here on this Earth to create Heaven on Earth and that it is safe for you to express the beauty that lies within your own Heart and Soul, it is why you are here. ?

Much love and blessings wherever you roam xo