New Moon in Virgo

This months beautiful Full Moon will occur at 27°27 Virgo at 3:30pm AEST. Located in the sign of the Virgin the emphasis for the coming lunar cycle is on healing and purifying the mind and body so they work as one as well as getting organised.  At the time of this New Moon all 5 Personal Planets will be in Virgo further emphasising the focus on healing the mind and body connection.  Venus in Virgo at the time of the New Moon reminds us that our bodies are indeed our Temples, we must honour our physical body and her senses in order to become fully present in our bodies, embodied, so we can manifest our heart felt dreams here on Earth.

Virgo rules the Digestive System so nourishing the body with healthy food and healthy living is essential. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and so purification and nourishment of the mind is also in focus this coming cycle. Are you filling your mind with positive inspiring thoughts? If not, it’s time to redecorate your beautiful mind by turning of the TV and taking time to yourself whether it be through Yoga and Meditation or spending time in nature, which as an Earth sign spending time in Nature certainly feeds and nourishes the Virgoan energy within you. The Key is to listen to your body and honour what she asks for 😍.

Virgo is associated with the Hermit in Tarot and the number 9 which is associated with Divine Love and completion.  Virgoan energy is self-disciplined, conscientious and exacting and the Hermit represents introspection, meditation and illumination. This New Moon asks you to walk a path clear of distraction and follow your path of higher service, allowing the inner light of illumination to guide you.  Walk the path of the Heart which serves your highest good and plant seeds accordingly.

New Moon in the Houses

1st House

In focus this month is the image you are presenting to the world thus you have a wonderful opportunity to change the way that someone (or the world) sees you.

Wish for courage, a new beginning, better self image and self direction. In addition, imagine yourself looking exactly how you would like to.

7th House

The focus this month is on love, marriage, relationships and business partnerships so any issues related to love and relationships may come up for clearing this month.

Wish to have the best relationships you can have with everyone in your life. In addition, see yourself face to face and palm to palm with someone you love or are in conflict with and see yourselves incased in a big pink bubble of unconditional love.

2nd House

Your cash and property as well as your talents and assets will likely be in focus this month.

Wish for financial abundance, increased self esteem and what ever that ‘thing’ is that you really want.

8th House

The focus this months is on other people’s money and how it combines with yours so this coming month is an opportune time to inject newness into your finances or your sex life.

Wish to have more money, better sex and to overcome all fears. Visualise what you would do if you had more cash and of course what you’d like your sex life to look like.

3rd House

Communication skills, listening and talking as well as spending time with your siblings are highlighted, expect a busy month.

Wish for the ability to express yourself clearly and to concisely get your message across.

9th House

The focus this month is on personal development, travel and adventure so new and potentially exciting developments relating to your Souls journey, travel and study may present themselves.

Wish to see the bigger picture of your life and to be in a state of constant gratitude. Visualise your perfect holiday.

4th House

This month the focus in on the home and family, where home is and what family means to you. Any issues surrounding the family and the home will likely come to the fore this month.

Wish for a happy, healthy home and family life.  Wish to be guided to the best home for you and your family.

10th House

The focus this month is on your career and reputation so expect developments in your professional life.

Wish to help others through your work and visualise being successful in whatever it is you do professionally.

5th House

The focus the is month is on creativity, kids and romance. Your creativity should be running high add the month full of fun and laughter.

Wish to remember that Life is a game and for your creativity to flow freely, it is also an opportune time to wish for more romance in your life.

11th House

The focus this month is on your friends, social network and your hopes and dreams so expect your friendships and networks to blossom and for at least one of your dreams to come true.

Wish for anything you want and visualise it coming true.

6th House

In focus this months is your daily work and health regimes, thus it is an ideal time to change your daily habits and or job.

Wish for the opportunity to help other people and be of service to your community. Also wish for a health at fitness regime perfectly suited to you.

6th House

The focus this month is on your secret, most private self, your subconscious so expect to want to retreat form the world and turn inwards.

Wish for inner peace and visualise yourself in a loving bubble of light completely one with the Universe.

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