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Welcome to Aranyani Love it is an honour to have you visit my sacred business 🙏

We are currently under construction so please bare with us as we get this website up and running ASAP!

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[icon icon=icon-wink2 size=26px color=#444 background=#CDCDCD ]Energy Alchemy

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration - Tesla

Our lives are a reflection of our internal vibration and frequency, as within so without. Internal blocks or limitations are what keep your desires from showing up in your life. Energy Alchemy is about transforming what is stopping you from creating your own Heaven on Earth, it's transformation from the inside out.

No matter what your goals are or whether or not you know what is blocking you, Energy Alchemy can transform your life if you let it.

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[icon icon=icon-cool2 size=26px color=#444 background=#f2f2f2 ]Art & Design

I love the power that Art has to transform the energy of a person and a place. Art has the power to heal and the power to connect you deeply to your Soul's truth. Art is love made manifest, from my heart to yours.

Inspired by nature and the infinite Spirit that resides within my designs can be applied to a wide array of products from wall art, stationary, wallpaper, clothing and textiles as well as home furnishings.

Inside the design library you will find a collection of exclusive, hand crafted illustrations and pattern designs available for use on your products and textiles. I am continually adding to the library and release a new pattern collection seasonally.

If you are looking for a beautiful collaborative experience I also offer custom designs and commissioned art so please get in touch.

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Are you feeling a little stymied, even flat out blocked in your creative endeavours?
Or do you simply want a hand increasing your creative flow?

Then please enjoy a FREE Light Language transmission and meditative journey designed to help you release blocks to your creative expression.


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