Ever feel like it was Groundhog Day? That you were experiencing the same thing over and over again? The people and the location might be different or perhaps they’re not, regardless the theme is the same? Something that you haven’t quite mastered has come around again for you to give it another go.

The most obvious cycle in our lives is that of the moon, the lunar cycle, most evident in its influence on the oceans tides. Comprising of 70% water the lunar cycle influences us in a similar way, charting your energy levels and emotions throughout the different phases of the moon is a wonderful way to bring yourself into balance and harmony with the natural rhythm and cycles of Mother Nature.

But have you ever noticed patterns that repeat on a larger scale, say for example every 2 years, 8 years, 9 years even 12 years? I sure have! The most notable cycles in my life are the 8 and 12 year cycles which correspond to the Venus retrograde cycle and the Jupiter Cycle.

I was born with Venus retrograde in Capricorn in the 2nd House square my Mars, Saturn and Pluto Stellium in Libra in the 11th. Every 8 years since my birth Venus retrogrades in Capricorn and EVERY time this occurs issues around my self worth, valuing myself, my material possessions and whether or not I am honouring myself in my relations comes into full view. Of course these themes are always in my life but when Venus is retrograde in Capricorn they came into full focus and there is no avoiding it, adjustments need to be made.

As for the Jupiter cycle, I was born with Sagittarius rising so Jupiter plays a big role in my magical life. I was also born with Jupiter in Scorpio and every 12 years Jupiter tours Scorpio and these years have been the most emotionally intense years of my life! 12, 24 and 36 the latter two bringing to light what I’d buried in my subconscious (12th house) when I was a child. Issues surrounding the abuse of power, sex and control all the realm of Scorpio and of course my two beautiful Scorpio parents, my greatest teachers, come to the fore.

We are all influenced to greater or lesser degrees by each of the planetary cycles, if you’d like to learn more about the planetary cycles and how you can work with them for optimum health and wellbeing please fill in your details below.