The Sun gives us life, life on Earth is only possible due to the large amounts of energy that the Sun emits.  Mapping the path of the Sun through the heavens is essential to knowing when to sow and when to harvest in order to maximise crop yields and ensure the family is fed.

Just as you wouldn’t sow corn in the middle of winter when the soil is cold, it’s not ideal to commence a new venture/project etc in the middle of your own personal winter, the conditions aren’t right. So why expend all that energy on a crop that is unlikely to yield a harvestable product when you can sow your seeds in the most fertile period for you and maximise your chances of success. Your fertile period is unique to you and corresponds with when the transit Sun makes his yearly sojourn through your 11th House – The House of Dreams and Community.

If you don’t know when this period is, I encourage you to order your Soul Blueprint, your personalised Astrology Chart, to put yourself in the best position for bountiful yields.

Everyone’s fertile period is different and varies in length. My personal sowing season is quite long, starting on the 24th of September each year and concluding on the 4th of November. This suits me just wonderfully as I have a bazillion ideas and I need time to seriously consider which seeds I’m going to plant and nurture over the coming season.

You however may have a much shorter sowing season, trust that the length is perfect for you as it’s the way nature made you and all we are doing is consciously aligning with and harnessing the magic power of nature.

Whilst it is always important to be vigilant with your thoughts, words and deeds ensuring you are only focusing on that which it is you wish to create it is of particular importance whilst the Sun transits your 11th House. As the thoughts and dreams you are sowing now will be what you will be harvesting in a little under a years time when the Sun transits your 10th House. So I encourage you to consciously sow your seeds, rather than allow your subconscious to sow the seeds for you as you may not like what blooms in your life.

Once you have selected which dream seeds you wish to plant for the coming season it’s not simply a matter of planting them and walking away. No you need to feed and water them, nurture them, tend to any weeds or pests that may be encroaching on or even sabotaging your crop over the coming year.

As the Sun makes his way out of your 11th House, into your 12th and continues his journey through the houses there are specific tasks that need to be undertaken each month in order to maximise your harvest.

The 12th House is the House of your Subconscious and is where all your worries and anxieties need to be uprooted and addressed so your precious Dream Seeds can germinate when the Sun crosses your Ascendent.

The 1st House is the House of the Self and a time when you are rediscovering who you are, your Dream Seeds are opening their eyes and reaching for the Sun. Take time you yourself during this period and focus on you.

The 2nd House is the House of Money and Values, security is at the forefront of your mind this month, so focus on your personal needs and what resources you need for your Dream Seeds to fully bloom. What is it you truly value?

The 3rd House is the House of Education and Communication and during this period your Dreams will start to manifest in your thoughts and the things you say to people.  Gather the information you need to nurture your Dream Seeds.

The 4th House is the House of the Home and Family and it becomes clearer how the past has shaped you and provides an opportune time to prune and weed your garden. Liberate yourself of all the limiting beliefs you bought into from your family, community and world at large and call on your ancestors for support.

The 5th House is the House of Creativity and the Suns yearly sojourn through this House is the optimum time to unleash the creative genius within you! Paint, sing, dance, write, express your creative energy in whatever way you are called to, don’t hold back.

The 6th House is the House of Health and Service and you must pay special attention to your health this month to ensure a viable crop.  Be vigilant with your thoughts and actions, focusing on only what you want to ensure you don’t inadvertently poison your blossoming Dream Seeds.

The 7th House is the House of Partnerships, the Sun’s tour here brings your close relationships and contracts into focus so nurture them, they’re helping your garden grow.

The 8th House is the House of Death and Rebirth, your sexual energy is at its peak this month. You will be able to see the fruits of what you have worked for all year, they may be small but they are there. Surrender conscious control and let go.

The 9th House is the House of Expansion, what you have worked for all year is coming to fruition, your dreams are about to come true. It is time to be patient, to wait, to resist the urge to harvest your crops prematurely.

The 10th House is the House of your Life Path, the House of Harvest, your Dream Seeds have born fruit. Take stock of what you have learnt and accomplished throughout the season and give thanks to the Universe for supporting you along your journey. Share your wealth, teach another what you have learned and get ready to choose your Dream Seeds for the next harvest cycle.

Aligning my life with the cycles of the Sun has certainly enriched my life and made manifesting my dreams infinitely easier as I am sure it will for you too. I encourage you to keep a journal throughout the process as I always find it rewarding referring to previous journals to see how far I have come and what I have achieved.

If you’d like to learn more about working with the Sun and aligning with Nature to make your Dreams a reality then please check out my program Living in Full Bloom.

Namaste xo