✨ We all have magic inside of us ✨



Hello and Welcome!! Hola y Bienvenidos!!
I am Sarah, creatrix of Aranyani Love.

Deeply enamoured by the Earth and all her children my journey began climbing mountains, paddling oceans and rappelling off cliffs before transitioning into a career as an ecologist.

My penchant for wandering off into the wilderness and exploring our beautiful planet and the untamed reaches of my free spirited and wild soul has only deepened with age.

After closing out 2012 with three emergency hospital visits I packed my hiking gear hopped on a plane to South America and wandered off into the Patagonian wilderness solo, which sparked the beginning of an incredibly enchanting healing journey across the globe and the end of my life and career as I knew it.

So please join me for incredible creative adventures in consciousness, connect with your own free spirited and wild soul and let's create Heaven on Earth.

Namaste xo