Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. – Rumi

I simply L❤VE the ‘On this Day’ feature of Facebook! It makes such a wonderful visual supplement to my journal entries, and today I was reminded of a Note from Rumi.

Four years ago today I was living in a Hippy Commune on the North Shore of Auckland New Zealand.  I decided to move to New Zealand for no other reason than the fact that it had called me.  I’d made the heartbreaking decision to sell my beautiful home in Cairns a few months prior, there were just too many painful memories for me there and I wanted a fresh start.

It had been two and half years since I’d given my partner the heave ho and I still had no interest in finding another mate, despite the universe continuing to send me beautiful Taurean men one after another.  One such Taurean was a lovely Musician who also lived at the commune.  We’d talk for hours about all things weird and wonderful and often about very deep personal topics and all in metaphor, it was truly beautiful and enabled me to talk about things I was at the time unable to talk about in a literal way, which proved to be fundamental to my healing.

He fell in love with me, and I certainly loved him on some level but my heart was still closed and thus it was never going to be.  The Universe sent me another two Taureans, I definitely noticed the pattern, what was with all the Taurean men?!  Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which symbolise Love, Beauty, Self Worth and Personal Value, the very area my Soul Wound (Chiron) is in.  These men certainly highlighted all the barriers I had towards Love and I definitely learned to truly value and love myself for the unique, beautiful creature that I am, for which I have each of these gorgeous men to thank.

It’s really quite magical how the Universe works! Last year with the Taurus Full Moon I set my wishes to be finally free of all that was blocking me from being physically united with my true love, after 6 years of roaming the globe single I was ready to meet my mate.   I completed my Full Moon Ritual and surrendered the outcome to the Universe.

A couple of weeks later I was compelled to move to Maleny and was offered a job the day after I arrived at the Maleny Golf Club.  A  slew of Libran men also started circling me, I could only laugh, as Libra is also ruled by the planet Venus!! The Universe certainly wanted me to find Love and I had no idea I would find it at the Maleny Golf Club.

The Golf Club Superintendent and I hit it off instantly, he’s also a professional Musician 😍 which made me laugh.  There are patterns all throughout life, and if you pause and take note of them you will quickly realise which ones are serving you and which ones are not, let them be your guide. My heart clearly wanted a man with bundles of Venusian energy coursing through his veins, which turns out Musicians are renowned for 🤣.  I can honestly say that it has been an incredible journey and I am super excited to have finally removed all my barriers to love and now have a gorgeous man to share my many adventures with.

I am truly blessed, thank you! 🙏

Always remember, your external world is merely a reflection of your internal world, if you don’t like what’s happening in your external world then it’s time to move inwards and do some redecorating 🎨.

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