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  • Lavender Essential Oil

    Lavandula angustifolia 15mL 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Essential Oil for Enhancing Communication Balances the Throat Chakra aiding verbal expression.
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  • Lunar Forecast

    Would you like to know what the coming lunar cycle has install for you so you can better prepare and tailor your actions to make full use of the lunar energy? Then the Lunar Forecast is for you! Each month … Read More
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  • Cinnamon Essential Oil

    Cinnamomum zeylanicum 5mL 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Essential Oil for Sexual Healing Balances Sacral Chakra helping you to address any emotions associated with rejection of your body, fear, controlling, jealousy, sexual abuse, sexual repression or over-active sexuality and … Read More
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  • Clary Sage Essential Oil

    Salvia selarea 15mL Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Essential Oil for Clarity & Vision Balances the Third Eye Chakra assisting individuals in changing their perceptions and giving them the courage to see the truth. Dispels darkness and illusion helping a person … Read More
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  • Intuitive Development

    8 Week Online Course
    Your Intuition is your direct line of communication with the Universe. When you open up this line of divine communication your entire life improves. Listening to and following your intuition WILL transform your life.
    In this 8 week course you will receive the tools to open, connect with and strengthen your intuition so you can co-create the life of your dreams.
    Next course commences on the 3rd August 2016

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  • Lemongrass Essential Oil

    Cymbopogon flexuous 15mL 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Essential Oil for Cleansing Balances the Third Eye Chakra clearing negative energy helping individuals to let go of past issues and stagnant energy, increasing ones ability to see situations with greater clarity. Lemongrass … Read More
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  • New/Full Moon Group Meditation

    Guided New and Full Moon Group Meditations are offered each month to coincide with the Lunar Cycle
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  • Soul Blueprint

    Discover Your True Potential At the moment you were born the sun, moon and planets all aligned in a configuration that is totally unique to you this is your unique “blueprint”, your soul’s path. This report highlights the planetary and … Read More
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