Essential Oils

Lemongrass Essential Oil



Cymbopogon flexuous
15mL 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

Essential Oil for Cleansing
Balances the Third Eye Chakra clearing negative energy helping individuals to let go of past issues and stagnant energy, increasing ones ability to see situations with greater clarity.

Lemongrass dispels feelings of despondency, despair and lethargy. It assists people in entering a healing mode or cleansing state making it easier to let go of old, limiting beliefs, toxic energies and negativity. Lemongrass teaches people to move forward without hesitation and commit to a healing path where change is a regular occurrence.

Lemongrass is a powerful tool in cleansing the energy within a house, room or office space. Lemongrass is a powerful assistant in cleansing physically, emotionally and spiritually.


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